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Puss Moth

By SuperUser Account on 12/19/2014

Bert Hinkler met his untimely end in his DH80A Puss Moth, which crashed on Mt Pratomagno Italy on January 7, 1933. His aircraft was completely destroyed.

Years later, finding a suitable aircraft for the Puss Moth display at the Hinkler Hall of Aviation was a tough job with only a few Puss Moth DH80A aircraft still in existence.

The Puss Moth originally owned by Qantas in 1930 was discovered as the perfect candidate to be fully restored to the exact specifications as flown by Bert Hinkler, with the serial number being only 27 digits away from Bert’s original aircraft.

Prior to hanging up its wings at the Hinkler Hall of Aviation, the Puss Moth DH80A led a very colourful existence from serving with Qantas Ltd. to being the official photographic platform for the Queen’s visit to Melbourne in 1954, and used again to photograph the Olympic Games in 1956.

The complete chronology can be seen below.

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