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By SuperUser Account on 12/19/2014

December 7 – On this day in 1931, Bert Hinkler returned to England from America following his history making flight across the South Atlantic Ocean. He landed at Hanworth Airport, Middlesex.

December 8 – On this day in 1892, Herbert John Louis (Bert) Hinkler was born in Bundaberg, Queensland.

January 7 – On this day in 1933, Bert Hinkler departed England on his ill-fated flight to Australia. This is also the day that Bert crashed in his Puss Moth on Mt Pratamagno in Italy.

February 7 – On this day in 1928, Bert Hinkler departed Croydon, England for Australia in his Avro Avian.

February 13 – On this day in 1928, Bert Hinkler departed Basra en-route to Australia from England.

February 22 – On this day in 1928, Bert Hinkler landed in Darwin after flying 15 ½ days departing from England.

February 27 – On this day in 1928, Bert Hinkler landed in Bundaberg following his record breaking flight of 15 ½ days from England to Australia.

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