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Local artist adds some fun to the J.A. (Lex) Rowland Gallery

By SuperUser Account on 12/19/2014

Robin Maxey-Fisher (Rob) is a local artist who enjoys a double life volunteering at the Hinkler Hall of Aviation.

A self-confessed aircraft addict from childhood through to retirement age, Rob admits spending an unreasonable amount of time sketching aircraft rather than paying attention to his lessons during his earlier years at school.

Continuing his passion for aircraft beyond the classroom, Rob joined the RAAF as an apprentice in 1958 and would serve as an engine fitter and trade instructor for the next 21 years.

During his posting to RAAF Edinburgh in 1968, Rob drew caricatures for the No. 11 squadron’s newsletter. As a result of this, in 1971 Rob was given the opportunity to decorate the Sergeants’ Mess walls with his painted caricatures to mark the RAAF’s 50th anniversary. These paintings would remain a popular feature on the walls for many years to come.

Quite a few years and a career change later, photographs of the original drawings surfaced and inspired Rob to resurrect his lifelong passion; creating caricatures covering most military aircraft in our nation’s history.

Since retiring to Bundaberg and joining the team at the Hinkler Hall of Aviation, Rob has designed a series of four caricatures featuring Bert Hinkler’s aircraft which skilfully represent part of Bert’s incredible story. The caricatures can be found hanging proudly on the Gallery walls within the Hinkler Hall of Aviation, and the quirky designs are also printed and displayed on designer mugs.

Rob’s designer mugs are available for purchase separately or as a set of four from the Aviators Store within the Hinkler Hall of Aviation.

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