Hinkler House

In 1925, Bert Hinkler built a modest detached house which he named ‘Mon Repos’ on the Thornhill Estate, in Southampton, England. From here, he travelled the short daily distance to AV Roe’s experimental aircraft works, and turned his home into a haven for fellow aviation enthusiasts, including Roy Chadwick, designer of the Avro. In fact, Bert would meticulously plan most of his great solo flights from his house.

The Ibis aircraft, his dream machine, was planned, developed and experimented upon at this very site. After Bert’s tragic death in 1933, many years passed before the home eventually became the property of the Southampton City Council.  In 1983 the Hinkler House Memorial Museum & Research Association was formed to oversee the relocation of Bert’s home from Southampton, England back to Bert’s birthplace of Bundaberg, Australia. In May and June 1983, the house was painstakingly dismantled, brick-by-brick, and transported to Bundaberg and rebuilt as a memorial museum in Bert Hinkler’s honour, and the Association has proudly undertaken a lifetime of Hinkler archival and preservation efforts.

The many layers of achievement associated with Australia’s great pioneer solo aviator are undeniably captivating, and so too was the trans-global relocation of his old Southampton house. In fact, this was only the second time in Australia’s relatively short history that such an undertaking been attempted, and it truly enthralled and captivated the community of Bundaberg, proud to bring Bert’s home ‘home’. At the time of, and ever since, the relocation, the people of Bundaberg have remembered Bert Hinkler through the living and very personal monument in his name. A significant structure, the house now stands in the Bundaberg Botanic Gardens overlooking the site where Bert Hinkler landed on 27 February 1928, following his record shattering solo flight from England to Australia. History would see that some sixty (60) years later, a significant international aviation centre and tourist attraction bearing his name would be built on that site, to preserve the story and accomplishments of Bert Hinkler, and compliment the living memory of his relocated house.

Your self-guided tour of Hinkler House is included in your admission to the Hinkler Hall of Aviation.

For more information on Hinkler House visit www.hinklerresearch.org.au